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Spatial Design, Installation, The Cutaway
Spatial Design, Installation, The Cutaway



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Every designer has a story to tell...

Spatial Design, Installation, The Cutaway
  • // DARE //  By Beck Storer


    When was the last time you dared to be brave 
    in your creativity?


    When you threw a little bit of cray cray around the studio to see what would stick, not caring what your Creative Director would say.


    When you challenged your peers and said no, fuck it -
    let’s do it this way - your way.


    When you turned the brief upside down, inside out and informed the client that they’re not getting what they asked for, but something else.


    Something better.




    We had just secured a big client, a very big one -  a superior luxury brand retail precinct in Melbourne. My Storer gut (my instinct) was telling me that I had an opportunity to do something different with these guys. There was no way our first creative pitch was going to be yet another predictable pdf/keynote/dareIsaypowerpoint/prezi/whateverelseyouareusingrightnow/ presentation.


    Take note, that we had only met the client once prior.


    One. Single. Time.


    At this stage they didn’t really know who the heck we were.

    And well, we didn’t really know who they were too.




    At the beginning of our presentation, remember - our very first one with them -  I showed them nothing.


    Zero. Nought. Nothing.


    Standing in front of them I asked the client who are a team of 3 super women to


    … Close their eyes ...


    Which they did.


    And then, like a Zen Master in a calm voice… I talked them through our concept. I got them to visualise it themselves  To feel it. To see it. To believe in it. And before they had opened their eyes, the response was.


    “Ahh!!! Let’s do it! We love it!


    They hadn’t even seen our visual presentation yet - but the concept was sold!







    The beauty of creative bravery is that it comes in many shapes and sizes. From crafting crazy ideas, applying weird research techniques, to how you choose to engage with your peers and client - bravery can create new opportunities for you that you never could think would be possible.


    And it’s a lot of fun!


    In your career you just have to go for it! To be brave and give it a crack. Me asking a new client to close their eyes and not present any visuals was a risk.  But is was a risk worth taking. I would prefer to be proud of my bravery, than never, never giving it a go and having regrets.


    And guess what?


    From that meeting they were so overwhelmed by how we presented that we were asked on the spot to do another huge project!





    Oh and I could talk about how I used a Giant Golden Rooster as a ice breaker with these guys…but that’s another story… :)


    Beck Storer, The Cutaway

    Beck Storer // Founder // The Cutaway


  • // TRUTH //  By Beck Storer

    For those that know me this may come as a huge surprise - but I was extremely shy when I was a young Beck -  fresh out of uni and starting my career in design.


    I struggled to speak up, to share my ideas. A nervous outrageous red rash would appear on my neck when I presented and my childhood lisp would come back (stumbling on those god damn S’s!) - I got so terribly nervous in meetings!  Clients were like these big scary monsters. And I so wanted to work at one of those big award winning studios, I desperately wanted to be just like them. The studios I worked for, including those award winning ones -  I saw them as these floating Zen like gurus and I just assumed I knew nothing.


    Nothing at all.


    I just followed... never thinking I could

    be a leader…


    It took me a very, very long time to finally realise that one of the most important things about being a creative, is being true to yourself and not trying to be someone that you’re not.


    Truth is transparent. It’s no bullshit.
    It’s what you see
     - is what you get. It’s raw and honest.


    Now with clients, when my little stutter appears, we have a few laughs while I do it and I present with confidence, even if it is with a touch of shakespearean theatre. I truly don’t give a frack about what other so called “peers" think of me…( it’s a precious and funny thing our design industry…to the recent grads out there you're about to see this). And when I lecture,
    I proudly wear my heart on my sleeve, make a fool
    of myself and deliver my classes with a lot of guts
    and honesty.


    Right now, this very minute, I can truthfully say I have never felt prouder or more confident about who I am, and about what I want to do in this wonderful world
    of creativity.


    All your unique personality traits should be embraced and not hidden away. These form a part of your story - they are your own little brand of truth. And when you finally find your truth, embrace it and proudly share it with the world, then there is nothing stopping you.



    Go! For! It!



    Do you know what your truth is -
    and do you actually use it?

    Beck Storer, The Cutaway

    Beck Storer // Founder // The Cutaway


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